This is the personal website of Vinney Cavallo.

Here are some recent things about me.
(last updated January 10, 2023):
  • We're fixing the internet. And with it, networked society.

In 2016 I founded exnilio, a software consultancy and web/app development shop. You should probably go there or to my technical blog linked below if you're looking for "programmer Vinney".

In early 2022 I cofounded Quartus. We are one of the top outfits building userspace applications in the Urbit ecosystem.

I live in Rhode Island with my girlfriend and our two cats. We used to live in Brooklyn but decided, in the spring of 2017, that we wanted a lot more living space, to own a house with land, and proximity to the ocean.

Below are some other (non-physical) places where I can be found.