What's the deal with this?

I hear you... "Vinney, you claim to be some kind of programmer by trade - why does your website look like it's either broken or was made by a total amateur?"

If you actually want to hear me go on about this, here you go:

If you came here wondering about the actual construction of this site itself, here's that:

This is a sinatra site with no database. I maintain a few .yml file for "news" and "interest topics" which are pulled in to the home and currently pages. If I find I want to write a lot more about a topic, I can add another key to its yaml entry and it'll have a separate 'more details' page generated for it. So far I haven't had enough thoughts for that yet. This single yaml file is essentially the only CMS I need and is really easy to work with if I want to quickly make some updates without writing markup.
It's sort of like a homegrown micro-jekyll static site generator.